Erin Seavey, co-founder Mt. Tam Dog Co.

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Erin Seavey, Den Mother


Erin Seavey, co-founder and Den Mother–Mt. Tam Dog Co.

Erin Seavey is our "Den Mother" in charge of all client operations. Her passion for animals, particularly her love for dogs, is accompanied by a strong work ethic, making this business a perfect environment for her. Erin grew up in Novato, CA, which offered a beautiful and ideal landscape for her childhood dogs; Fila, Lucy and Molly. It was her relationship with her dog Ruby, however, which sparked a whole new level of love, commitment and overall interest in the welfare of dogs.

Erin graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Literature. Colorado quickly became her and Ruby’s stomping ground for all outdoor adventures. They took advantage of the endless trails, rivers, lakes and mountains, all to which shaped her new attitude toward being an active and responsible dog owner.

In 2012 Erin happily jumped at the opportunity to take over the Alpha Dog Retail shop in Mill Valley, CA. Her customers came to know her not only for her dependability, but for her caring nature and dedication towards their dogs. Eventually she met Dave in which they both decided to transform the shop into something bigger and more meaningful. This is where their dreams of Mt.Tam Dog Company started and is what is today- a new standard for Dog Walking and exceptional customer service. After five years in the business, Erin still has her heart set on continually improving their service and making changes she knows will better serve her dogs and their people.

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