My name is Gabriellee or Gabby for short. Born and raised in Southern California, I moved to Marin County in 2007 to attend Dominican University of California. Next Spring I plan on attending Life Chiropractic College West. I enjoying being outdoors and staying active which is why I love working for Mt. Tam Dog Company! I love that I get to spend my day with great dogs on the trails with beautiful views of Marin. 

I grew up in Marin with my younger brother, our German Shepherd (Jessie), our cross-eyed Siamese cat (Lucas), and a bird I named Stevie. After high school, I moved to Boston to attend college and, when I called home, the first thing I asked was how Lucas, Eddie and Annie were doing! I moved to San Francisco, attended SFSU as a psychology major and began working in the mental health field as a counselor and caregiver.

In August of 2011, I rescued my dog, Lucy. However, I really do think she rescued me. I started dog-sitting for dog park friends who encouraged me to be a dog-walker or work with dogs in some aspect. I started looking into some places, but what helped with my decision process was: would I trust this company with Lucy? Around this time, I spotted the Mt. Tam Dog Co. van, started day-dreaming about walking dogs on trails or on Mt. Tam, met Dave and Erin and learned that was exactly what I would be doing! I have been with Mt. Tam Dog for over a year, and am excited to learn new things and grow with a team of bright, motivated, enthusiastic and professional individuals.

My dog and all the dogs I am trusted to care for and hike on a daily basis bring me so much joy and constantly teach me to live in the moment. I provide them with attention, love, and positive reinforcement and, in return, I am rewarded with unconditional love.

After a long career selling Freightliner trucks, fire engines and street sweepers, Tim sold his home in St Augustine Florida and moved to the Bay Area in January 2016. His mission: spend time with his family and lose weight working for his nephew's dog walking company. To the day Tim has lost 40 pounds! Tim is dedicated, dependable and above all he is family. Mt. Tam Dogs are luck to have him as a Pack Leader!


I live in Larkspur and I am the proud daddy of Winston a twelve year old Frenchie. He adopted me four years ago and we’ve been best buds ever since. This little guy makes me smile and laugh everyday! Some other names Winston goes by are, chunk, my little baked potato, Winnie, daddies little stalker, stinker, and baby boy. I grew up in Eugene Oregon and we always had pets as cherished members of our family. There was Dandy a dachshund, Sam, a stray puppy found outside of my junior high school, Smokey a sweet grey cat, a rabbit named cinnamon, various fish, a frog and a goose named Wally.

I moved to Berkeley in 1995 and my journey included a partnership in a bay area dog bathing and grooming business. While there many years I helped thousands of happy doggies get clean and look their best to “strut their Stuff”! Dogs have always played a special role in my life. With dogs I am enriched in so many measurable ways. How fortunate I am to be part of Mt. Tam Dog Co. amazing team! I look forward to meeting you and spending active time outdoors with your dogs on Mt. Tam!  You’ll be glad to know that along with loving your dogs I am also certified in pet first aid and CPR by Pet Tech. Here’s Winston and me on a fabulous Oregon road trip. We sang songs and snacked a lot.

Hi, I'm Rachael! I just moved to Mill Valley from San Francisco with my husband and two pugs. I grew up in San Jose, but also lived in the north bay (Santa Rosa/Cloverdale) for a few years. My family loved being outdoors, we would often spend weekends driving up and down the coast. I studied psychology at U.C Santa Cruz, and graduated in 2000. I was an administrative assistant for many years in the Bay Area,. It was a stable job, but after many years behind the desk I needed a change. The opportunity to be a Dog Walker for Mt. Tam Dog is the change I needed. I believe in the company's mission and look forward to meeting the owners and walking more dogs!


Jordan pic.jpg

 When you envision someone to take care of your best friend and companion who do you see? Someone dependable? Fun-loving? Someone who will give his own life for your dog? Look no further, Jordan is here. I've grown up in the Bay Area with at least 4 dogs of every shape and size throughout my life. Growing up wouldn't have been as enjoyable if it weren't for my best friends. I live an active life style and put my fitness to the test during my 3 years of active duty serving as in Infantryman in the U.S. Army. Whether it was in The Bay Area or Afghanistan, my love for dogs only grew. Now that I'm home I just want too be surrounded by as many fury companions as possible, while living a healthy life style!

Hi there, my name is Eva. I grew up in Sonoma County and now that I live in Marin, I can continue to enjoy the gorgeous nature Northern California provides. I am a student at College of Marin, majoring in Biology, and I hope to transfer to UC Santa Cruz. I want to have a career in medicine, and am particularly interested in Veterinary School. When I'm not in classes, I enjoy spending time in nature, reading books, and watching movies. I love that I can hike for Mt. Tam Dog because nothing makes me happier than being around and caring for animals! Pictured with me is little shih tzu "Monkey" Mojo, my favorite dog in the world.