Trails and Descriptions:

1. Miwok- Black Diamond

2 Coyote Ridge to Dias Ridge Trail- Blue Square

3. Mill Valley to Sausalito Path, Bunny Slope

4. Tenderfoot- Green Circle

5.Tenderfoot - Blue Square

6. Cascade Falls, Bunny Slope

7. Hogback Ridge Fire Road- Double Black Diamond


8. Old Railroad Grade- Blue Square

9. Gravity Car- Green Circle

10. Hoo-Koo-E-Koo 

11. Eldridge Grade Road, Blue Square 

12. Indian Fire Road- Double Black Diamond

13. Blithedale Ridge Fire Road 

Trail Ratings - all hikes include pickup and drop-off!!


Bunny Slopes:

Bunny Slopes are typically for short strolls with minimal exercise.  These are great for when your pup needs a bathroom break or just needs to stretch out their legs. Good for dogs with exercise restrictions, ailments and new puppies in need of socialization and training.



Green circle:

Ranked as our easy walk, the green circle is mostly flat terrain. We recommend green circles for older dogs that require sufficient exercise without strain or over exertion. Green circles are also great for smaller dogs and puppies! 

2-2.9 miles 


Blue Square:

Ranked as our intermediate walk, the blue square is a longer more challenging hike. Each hike has steady and progressive inclines. We recommend blue squares for any dog without physical restrictions; all shapes and sizes are welcome

3-3.5 miles 


Black diamond:

Ranked as our advanced walk, black diamonds are for dogs requiring vigorous exercise.   Black diamonds involve constant fast pace hiking and sometimes running on flatter terrain. 

3.6-4 miles 


Double black diamond:

Ranked as our expert hikes, double blacks are our most challenging trails.  They have steep inclines and no level terrain. Ideal for dogs with excessive energy and in the top physical condition. 

Anything above 4 miles 

All walks include pickup and delivery!!


Check Us Out! 


Regular Rates:

Group Walks  $35       {Maximum 6 Dogs}

* Privates and Semi-Privates are offered at our discretion.



Discounted Rates: 

Weekend Warriors  $48  {1/2 Day Adventure}

$30 for 4-5 walks per week

$25 (per dog) for 2 Dog household

$50 for double days (2 hikes in one day)